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Get to Know Us

Get to know us!

Meet the lovely people that will be working to deliver authentic Nigerian taste to your dining table!
Chef & Founder



Amarachi, or 'Amara' is a Chef who specializes in Nigerian Cuisine, a mum of three beautiful boys, a perfume enthusiast and the founder of Michiz food.

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Our Story

Let's hear it from Amara.

Michiz Food started as Michiz kitchen, a catering outfit dating back to 2017.

It all started when I volunteered to cater for my friend’s baby shower, everyone that had the food was pleasantly taken aback by the deliciousness of every single dish which happen to be all Nigerian food. Some enquired of the caterer that made the food, at this point I wasn’t thinking of commercialising my cooking skills but when I was asked for my complimentary card, I knew straight away I won’t let this opportunity pass on without jumping on it. I politely asked if I could give them my number instead as I didn’t have any business card on me, that was how the business was birthed.

Amara the Buka Stew is so good!!!!! I usually don’t like red stew but no cap, this is so good.

Zuru. O

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